Before the game begins, create an earth-shattering penalty for the loser. Gather round; shuffle the cards; stack them in one deck face down. Each person draws a card when it is their turn. When the deck is gone, whoever has the most points wins. Be clever and have fun.

TEAMS: Optimal way to play the game. All rules still apply. Teammates cannot sit next to one another. Team(s) with the least amount of points loses. 






There are five types of cards in the deck: "Life", "Shade", "The T", "Wildcard" and "Whenever".

Life: The chance to shine bright like a diamond.  

Shade: You finally have permission to say and do some disrespectful shit.

The T: Speak the truth about all questions or your card may literally be pulled. (see "The Whole T" below).

Wildcard: This is where you find out who wants to win the most.

Whenever: You'll see these cards "Whenever" you buy the deck.



Bitch Move:

  • (excl) To order a female dog out of your way.  

  • (n) If you take a card and would prefer not to do it, you must announce that you are "Pulling a Bitch Move". Then place it AND your highest card at the bottom of the deck. (Note: you are only allowed two "Bitch Moves" per game.) 

The Whole T:

  • (n) If you were given a cup of tea, instead of a pot, one would ask for “The Whole T”.

  • (n) AFTER the person completes the task on "The T" card-If you know they are lying, didn’t state the full truth, or have a better story that they resolved not to state, you can recite the whole truth and take their card, thus points.


  • (v) An archaic form of watching television.
  • (v) Tell someone what they don’t want to hear but need to.


  • (n) Person who inappropriately records your daily activities. 
  • (n) The donkey to your left.